Welcome To Pick My Crop!

Welcome to Pick My Crop! We are here to ask you to partner with us share your over abundance with others within your community. Most backyard gardeners produce more fruit, vegetables, and herbs than a family can consume themselves. For too long this has been a problem with growing a garden or having a  fruit bearing tree. Pick My Crop is here to save you the hassle of trying to find people on your own to take your extra produce. Simply produce, post and  provide!


Our Mission

Our Mission is to reach both gardeners and fresh produce enthusiasts in hopes that less overgrowth will be left rotting on the ground but alternately be given to others within your community to enjoy for free. Thus reducing waist, encouraging healthy eating habits, and creating connections with others within your community.


How To Get Involved

1. If you garden, or have fruit bearing trees, list your overgrowth on our website, simply click on the “Post An Ad” button at the top of the page.

2. If you have a facebook page, like us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/PickMyCrop

3. Suggest Pick My Crop to your friends via Facebook, Email, Google+ or face to face.

4. If you need local produce search the site, its here for you, or if you know anyone else that does encourage them to do the same!


Thank you for helping us all make a difference so we may live happier healthier, more meaningful lives.

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